Our Story


mark lloyd

Born and raised in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Mark Steven Lloyd grew up in and around the ocean. And, growing up in a family of talented jewelry designers, he learned the skills and craftsmanship necessary to become one of the most talented jewelry designers in the world.



In 1989, Mark opened Vanmark, Inc. Jewelry Designers in the heart of Ft. Lauderdale’s Marine district and began designing and creating beautiful works of art. His passion for the ocean lead him to create what is known today as The Marine Collection, a unique and vibrant array of jewelry reflecting his love of sport fishing.


Aside from viewing this collections at his showroom, his designs can be seen at some of the world’s top fishing tournaments like Bermuda Big Game Classic, Bermuda Triple Crown, Los Cabos, Los Suenos, Pirates Cove, Ft. Lauderdale Billfish Tournament, Miami’s Billfish Tournament, Pompano Beach Fishing Rodeo as well as numerous high-end jewelry stores around the United States and Bermuda. 

Vanmark Inc, is proud to bring to life this Marine Collection on the web offering only the finest in precious metals and gemstones and crafted to the highest of standards. Please feel free to return anytime to view our weekly updated designs and monthly special offerings. Enjoy.